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We all want a clean and friendly environment in the house as well as in the office too. While we entered any of the places either in our or another house we must notice that the floor would be clean or not. For cleaning up the floor, nowadays people generally use Auto Floor Scrubbers. This scrub has been very effective and dry floors in one pass. Scrubber Making Machine Manufacturers in Delhi provide unbeatable quality of products and have perfect cleaning balls which can give perfect cleaning to your floor just like new one look. SR Machinery is the most trusted Scrubber making Machine Suppliers in India. The best feature of these products would be they can produce scrubber automatically, high-speed and durability at a very flexible production rate. There is a lot of equipment which is frustrating and can be time consuming as well as costly to fix but Auto floor scrubber can work fasting and dry the floor within one pass. 

Most common problem of auto floor scrubber machine:

1- Problem: Poor Water Pick up- This Auto Floor Scrubber machine is designed to leave less water behind the buckets. This will help to create a cleaner and safer environment. If your machine is removing lots of water behind and isn’t working properly then it is no longer effective. Here are some reasons why your automatic floor scrubber leaves too much water. 

  1. Damage or Worn squeegee blades: This will cause the scrubber to leave streaks or patches of water where the blade isn’t level with the floor. 
  2. Empty the recovery tank: The Machine will not be able to retain any dirt solution if the recovery tank is full. 

2- Problem: Poor scrubbing result:

  1. Pad or Brush: poor scrubbing result can be caused by the wrong pad or brush.
  2. Wrong pad pressure setting: For performing aggressive restorative procedures, different pad/brush pressures are important for dealing with different floor types.
  3. Improper chemical usage: You may be using the wrong cleaning chemical with your floor pad or brush if your floors aren’t reaching the desired outcome. 

3- Problem: Poor Run time: You will experience shorter than average run time, especially for battery powered floor scrubbers. It decreases worker efficiency and costs you more money when your floor scrubber does not run for the maximum period of time.

  1. Batteries are not charged: Operating the machine when the batteries are low would possibly cause certain functions, such as the scrub deck, to stop the machine or cause the machine to stop working.
  2. Pad Pressure is too high: Added weight may be needed for hard or uneven floors (pressure). This added pressure will result in the machine needing increased power. The additional power required to generate the pressure would shorten the amount of time that the floor scrubber will run for.


SR Machinery is one of the leading and reputable companies that I have ever had the pleasure to work with. Thanks to SR Machinery for making my home and office floor look so good. Their products are very fast working facilities and time taken. I highly recommend purchasing auto floor scrub, steel scrub machines and many more products from here for their superior performance.


Hello Friends my name is Rohan Sharma. I went to SR Machinery to buy an auto floor scrubber machine and they provide the best services to their customers. I really appreciate it.

Rohan Sharma
Rohan Sharma

I was hunting for the user-friendly machines which includes steel scrubber making machines, masala packing machines and so on to purchase for our brand new large scale business or our bungalow. We were more happy because they have a variety of collections at a flexible rate.

Aniket Singh
Aniket Singh

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