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Blister pack (unit dose packaging) happens to be the best packaging material in the pharmaceutical industry and other related industries where product distribution is supposed to be wholesome and free of all types of foreign materials. Blister packaging materials are almost unavoidable, with a special focus in the pharmaceutical industry where medications are supposed to meet end consumers in good condition (free of external pollutants, humidity as well as UV rays for light-sensitive products). Reasons for this, that they are tamper-evident, deterrent to theft/adulteration and provide an outstanding protective cover for drugs, especially for light-sensitive drugs.

Blister Pack: It is a term for many forms of pre-formed plastic packaging used for small consumer products, foods, and pharmaceuticals. A cavity or pocket made from a formable web, typically a thermoformed plastic, is the primary component of a blister pack. This typically has a paperboard backing or an aluminum foil or plastic lidding seal. A clamshell is also called a blister that folds into itself.

Blister packs are useful for protecting goods for prolonged periods of time against environmental influences, such as humidity and pollution. Opaque blisters shield light-sensitive items from UV rays as well.

Here, SR Machinery is one of the leading and most trusted Blister Packing Machine Manufacturers. Buyers can easily be connected to purchase the best quality blister packaging machines which are used for capsule or tablet packing at a very flexible production rate. SR machinery has also gained their reputation as the trusted Blister Packing Machine Suppliers in India.

Used Blister Packaging Machine:

Using the best blister packaging machine for product packaging, branding and safety, with certain requirements for product delivery to be met by those in the pharmaceutical industry, is now becoming a key feature of their service delivery. And this feature is something that can neither be exchanged nor compromised. Since these devices are commonly known to successfully fulfill their intended function for a long duration (years), the procurement of one directly from the OEM most frequently results in a major obstacle to the success of many pharmaceutical companies. The best way to keep their company kicking is to buy a used blister packaging machine with such a challenge to conquer.

Even after some years of use, where are those essential machines sourced from and bought in good condition? They find SR Machinery as a reliable marketplace for used industrial equipment for most pharmaceutical companies and other industries using the blister packaging machine for their product, where they can get a big bang for their money.

SR Machinery provides various types and brands of pharmaceutical packaging machines as a trusted online intermediary for used industrial units and machines that are available to meet your production potential and blister packaging machine requirements. As a trusted marketplace for used industrial machinery and machines, we have more than a decade of quality service provision.


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Rohan Sharma

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Aniket Singh
Aniket Singh

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